2 May 2021

5 of the most popular applications for cherrypickers

Originally designed for use in fruit picking orchards, this versatile device can be used both for attaching a telegraph pole and for removing cherries from trees.

Cherrypickers have a wide variety of applications and are an integral part of many construction and engineering environments. Safety is paramount when performing work above ground, and such work platforms enable safe and easy work. The Cherrypicker can be used every day to assist with many important tasks. The five most common uses are:

1. Service of telephone and electricity poles
There are thousands of miles of telephone and power poles around the world, and maintaining and repairing them is a labor-intensive job. Construction, repair and maintenance of overhead networks are usually performed with the power switched off, but sometimes it is necessary to perform a job while it is live. For anyone working in this field, the Cherrypicker will be an integral part of their daily routine to ensure they can reach the area where the work will be performed. More and more companies consider it a safer and more effective solution compared to ladders or mountaineering equipment.

2. Construction industry
A building that needs cleaning or painting requires those entrusted to work at height. While a ladder may be considered adequate, a mobile platform provides mobility and safety when moving to any part of the building while using maintenance equipment and installing lighting.

3. Filming of events such as major sporting events
When watching TV events, the best shots and good camera angles are important, capturing every aspect of every second. The larger the basket, the better the working comfort for the cameraman and the greater the space for a tripod. The aerial platform lifts your movie equipment high in the air to create a bird’s eye view that is often better than staying live.

4. Fire brigade
Every day, firefighters around the world boldly risk their lives to save people trapped in fires or other life-threatening situations. Without such elevators, they would not be able to guarantee the safety of people on the upper floors. The surplus means that – within their operational constraints – many rescue operations can take place simultaneously. It also means that people in need of assistance can be placed directly on the machine platform.

5. Collect fruit
As the name suggests, cherry pickers were initially developed to facilitate cherry harvesting. Harvesting fruit from high branches in orchards is now easy with such machines. There is no longer any danger of falling from a ladder or losing fruit that is inaccessible due to its location.

All these tasks have become safer, faster and more efficient thanks to the use of a cherry picker. However, it is always important to undergo thorough training before anyone can operate this machine. Topics such as general health and safety, machine operation, emergency operation, and restrictions on use should be discussed before achieving operator proficiency.

As the cherrypicker is one of the most important pieces of equipment for working at height, its use and application is constantly increasing as different industries appreciate its use and benefits.



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