Owner / Instructor

The founder of Bonapi Training Center and at the same time one of our most sought-after instructors.
Piotr is a volcano of energy and new ideas! He always shows up where there is a problem to solve, a new idea to implement or a cake to eat.



She’s probably the one who reads your email, answers the phone and send you an invoices. Those who forget may also associate her with a nice call reminding them of the due date for invoices.


VCA training coordinator / Safetyshop

You think VCA training, and Laura’s always smiling face should immediately appear in your head.
She also carries on her shoulders the operation of the stationary shop and the e-store with safety products.


Training coordinator

A determindated guy who will take you through the theoretical training and teach you how to put said knowledge into practice.
He will answer every question and add one, two or five experiences from himself.



Jarek is an experienced instructor. He provides courses for scaffolders, aerial work platforms and telehandler operators.
Don’t let his gentle appearance fool you, you will familiarize with his military temperament very quickly.


Bonapi Training Center means first and foremost a staff of instructors of the highest standard. Each and every trainee has found out that a VCA course, scaffolding fitter training or forklift operator exam can be simply fun.
Without building up unnecessary tension and stress – this is exactly how our instructors conduct the theoretical classes as practically.


Work at BONAPI