Aspirant of the scaffolders assistant SVWOH

There is a lot of incorrect information circulating in the area of Dutch scaffolders about the scaffolders’ assistant SVWOH. That’s why we’ll be happy to explain what’s going on! From 2019, the obligation to register each scaffolder has been introduced. If you are just starting your adventure as a scaffolder, you also have to register.
Do you have many years of experience but you do not have any DNV certificate? You must register before taking the course and exam!
It is very simple:

  1. There is a “Register as Candidate Scaffolding Apprentice” window on the website, click to proceed to registration.
  2. In the upper right corner you can change the page to English, after filling in the necessary information you choose the language of the exam.
  3. Registration costs € 108.90 (incl. VAT). After payment, you will be forwarded to the exam. The exam consists of 10 questions that you must answer correctly. Don’t worry, the number of tries is unlimited!
  4. Managed to pass? Then you probably already got your certificate by e-mail. Congratulations you are an Scaffolding Apprentice!
  5. From now, you or your employer can find you in the register:
    Just enter your date of birth and the first 3 letters of your surname. Now you can see your full name – clicking on it you will see the information “u heeft al een geldige registratie met nummer…. ”.
    Your number starts with AHM, by clicking on this number you will go to the register:

You can share your certificate via e-mail or whatsapp (icons at the top) or press the right arrow to see your certificate.
IMPORTANT: the aspirant is valid for 1 year! During this year you should take the DNV course and exam. If you miss it, you will have to register again! If you were certified as a DNV basic scaffolder or advanced scaffolder but your certificate has expired, you must do scaffolding apprentice.
You can find the rules on the DNV and SVWOH website.

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