12 September 2021

Bonapi Scaffolding Training(BST) vs Bonapi Training Center (BTC)


Thanks to the development of our company, we offer more and more professional courses! That’s why it’s time to change the name, BST (Bonapi Scaffolding Training) is now called BTC (Bonapi Training Center). Our new logo is already visible on our website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and

Bonapi Training Center was founded in 2018 by Piotr Łoziński, who came to the Netherlands in 2007 and started working as a scaffolding fitter. After working for 11 years in the profession, he founded the Bonapi company, the aim of which is to train and inform foreign employees in Polish, English, German, Romanian and other languages ​​about the method and possibilities of training and courses in the Netherlands according to Dutch law.

During his adventure in the “country of windmills”, he noticed that his compatriots and employees from other European Union countries were badly informed or misinformed about courses. Often the information provided by uitzendbureau is incorrect and not true. This is only to force the employee to train and make expenses in the company, or to force the employee to participate in training in order to charge his wages with costs. Most job offices in the Netherlands or Poland keep fitter, VCA, and SOG certificates in their office. Which shouldn’t have happened. The certificate is a personal and private document of each participant.

The best information provided, as each of us knows, is in his native language. That is why in our company we try to ensure that everyone has an instructor who speaks the same language.

The trust of the scaffolders allowed us to spread our wings and introduce further trainings to the offer in various languages.

The Bonapi company now specializes in vocational courses, thanks to which you will raise your qualifications and skills at work.

Trainings and courses are designed to prepare the candidate for many different safe and dangerous situations that appear on a daily basis at work. After the course, you will not be a professional, but you will know what level of your knowledge is and how to safely behave at work. Specialized trainings increase your abilities.

Courses for scaffolders or VCA Basic or forklifts, SOG forklifts, telescopic forklifts, aerial work platforms or first aid are organized in our Bonapi training center in Zuid Holland (Spijkenisse) with free parking and a bus stop.

You already know that BTC is not an acronym for BitCoin (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies such as altcoins such as XRP, Litecoin (LT) or Tether (USDT). It is a place where you will improve your qualifications and gain the knowledge necessary to perform your work safely and in accordance with your work permit.

We invite you today to sign up for the courses at BTC, we guarantee a large dose of knowladge and a nice day with our instructors!

PS Check the “about us” tab, you will learn more about our team!

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