IPAF course on lifts in the Netherlands in English

What is IPAF? International Powered Access Federation; It is an international license entitling its owners to operate various types of mobile platforms, for example scissor or telescopic lift (so-called Hoogwerker).

It is known that working at height requires us to have appropriate training and permissions. IPAF (scissor and telescopic lifts) is used in many areas of the economy, including construction, petrochemicals, production, renovations and installation works.

At the BONAPI Training Center, in cooperation with another company, we give you the opportunity to take an IPAF course for work platforms in the Netherlands, both for people who already have experience in working with lifts, as well as for people who train completely from the beginning. We provide IPAF courses:

  • 1a- Static Vertical Platforms;
  • 1b- Static Boom; (vehicle-mounted platforms);
  • 3a- Mobile Vertical; (scissor lifts);
  • 3b- Mobile Boom.

IPAF qualifications are valid for 5 years and they are international, i.e. we can work on mobile platforms in various countries, for example also in Belgium.

IPAF trainings are also divided individually for the needs of a given student:

  • IPAF qualifications are valid for 5 years and they are international, i.e. we can work on mobile platforms in various countries, for example also in Belgium.
  • IPAF trainings are also divided individually for the needs of a given student:

The IPAF training includes:

  • Theoretical part; that is, the knowledge that we should have when getting into the lift, for example: Dutch law, obligations and rights of us and our employer, safety rules, as well as the necessary data allowing us to work at heights.
  • Practical part; that is, a course in the field of accurate use of the lift.

The training and exam are conducted in many languages, including English, Dutch and Polish.

If you are interested in an IPAF course on mobile platforms or have additional questions for us, do not hesitate to contact with BONAPI Training Center.

System trucks, vna, combi (man up, man down)

What the system trucks are?

These are multi-purpose devices for work in narrow warehouse aisles or halls, tightly installed shelves and racks make it impossible to take standard action storage vehicles. This type of solution is used in space often exceeding just a few centimeters of the width of the truck alone system.

Why system trucks?

The development of the warehouse and logistics industry in the Netherlands creates new challenges. The reason is that companies want maximize their storage capacity and maintaining a constant area of their infrastructure. Modern logistics requires continuous modernization of the technologies used in the warehouse. In closed rooms, such as factories, warehouses or various types of production plants trucks system are the solution . The Dutch labor market focuses on innovations, trucks system is the answer to the ever-changing trend in this industry

Are system trucks, a solution for every company?

When deciding on such a solution, we must remember that these devices have been left designed for high-quality floors, and require adequate space for turning (4.5-5 m) so-called transfer corridor. These treatments have a purpose enable inductive or rail-roller guidance.

What are the different types of trucks? What tasks were they for designed?

Order Picker Truck (VNA).

Order Picker Trucks, also known as trucks Very Narrow Aisle VNAs are designed for reversible pallet picking. This multi-purpose vehicle is ideal for efficient order completion, while at the same time safe and stable operation of the machine. With a lifting capacity of 1200 to 1500 kg and the possibility of storing and retrieving cargo from a height of 17.5 m, the vehicle retainsrelatively fast speed of movement, even up to 12 km/h.


Three-sided system trucks, otherwise “Combitruck”. System trucks can be divided into two-way and three-way. Fork rotation around own axis is a great convenience, this function allows the use of each side of the corridor side, in front also from the very floor on which the “Combitruck” is located. Double-sided truck, in turn, although their functionality is more limited, they are able to work in a lot narrower aisles between 1500 and 1800 mm. The range of these trolleys is loading to height over 14 m

Man-Up, Man-Down.

We distinguish one more division of trucks into Man-Up and Man-Down. The first solution is characterized by that the forks raise together with the operator’s cab specified height. It’s perfect for both for completing orders as well as for storage and pallet making. Man-Down truck support is provided similar, but its functionality is limited to floor level. Is it worth it obtain, a license for system forklifts and why in Bonapi?.

Is it worth obtaining a license for system forklifts and why at Bonapi?

Popularization of this type of solutions, increases the demand for system trucks operators, but awareness there is a shortage of qualified workers in this industry. Comfortable and automatic driving of the vehicle reduces the risk of errors by the operator, which makes this solution attractive. Our Training Center is one of the few Center that offers this type of courses in the Netherlands. Our qualified staff, will confidently and effectively introduce you to the secrets of using system forklifts.

How to recognize that your VCA is false?

Any person taking a job in the Netherlands in Construction Industry need to have valid VCA certificate. It means that the person have basic knowledge about terms of health and safety at work. It will contribute to efficiency and quality of our workplace.
Our Training Centre regular verifies reliability of VCA certificate which allow us to say that we are unfortunately dealing with fraud on really large scale, which you can read in the next part of this article.


The space in which we move is world of social media like Facebook or Instagram. Just there we can meet a lot of scammers who using various social groups offer the opportunity of getting “fast certificate without leaving home”.Unfortunately for lot of immigrants the perspective of upcoming trip abroad not every time is coming with good decision of necessary for work VCA certificate. Remember if anybody try to ensure you that you don’t need to have stationary exam or is proposing you online exam – IT DOES NOT GIVE YOU RELIABLE SOURUCE OF YOUR CERTIFICATE.


  • You take a part in the exam, which is carried out by examiner representing in the Certified Examination Office.

Usually, you can get a card after your exam but Certificate in the form of scan and later in the paper version.

  • After when you finish your exam with positive results (min. 65 %), you are allowed to get certificate and card. On both there will be your personal number of identification.

Valid Certificate you can easily check at universal database. You can check it at https://cdr.ssvv.nl/ , just enter your surname and date of birth or number of your certificate and you will have access to all the information.


To avoid being a victim of scammers you need to carefully check a company which id offering you VCA certificate. In the fast way you can check it at website, opinions of students, by phone call or e-mail. It will definitely help you to get the right decision.

Subject of VCA still causes a lot of anxiety of the difficulty level of the exam. From our experience we know that “fear has a wolf eyes”. One day course ends with VCA exam which will allow you to get mastery of knowledge from terms of health and safety at work. Our instructors take care about friendly atmosphere during the training and of course big portion of practice which will help you to get positive results of exam.

What is a VCA course and how do I get a VCA certificate?

What is VCA and what do you really need it for?
It is obvious that, as employees / subcontractors, we must be able to perform our work in a safe way and as little harmful to our health as possible. In order to meet the needs of both employers and employees, a health and safety management system was created, which is part of the overall management system of the company. The VCA certificate gives clients the certainty that the contractor works in accordance with safety standards and operates in the most reliable way.

Which employee group is VCA addressed to?
To everyone! Regardless of which group of employees you belong to, you should have a valid VCA certificate. We often do not realize the risks associated with our work. By recognizing them, appropriate measures can be taken to be able to work in a safe and hygienic manner, and to minimize the risk.

So how can you get certificate?
The only way is to take part in a 1-day training course, during which you will acquire a solid dose of knowledge. The 7-hour training ends with a computer – based exam conducted by a Certified Examination Center. After all you will receive the document confirming passing the exam and a card with an authorization number, as well as an entry in the Central Register of VCA

Is the VCA then recognized by other European countries as well?
The VCA certificate is valid in all Benelux countries, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and even in the Scandinavian countries, although it is issued only in the Netherlands. Having a VCA certificate gives you the same privileges in the above-mentioned countries as when working in the Netherlands. It is the equivalent of local safety management systems.

Do I have a bigger chance of finding a job with a valid VCA certificate?
It is obvious that having a valid VCA certificate increases your chances of finding a job in technical industries, such as assembly, welding, electricity, petrochemicals, etc. These are jobs defined by law as “high risk jobs”, which you will not start without a valid VCA certificate. So, investing money in the course is a long-term investment in ourselves. Certificates are valid for 10 years, so the cost is 6 cents per a day.

How difficult is it to get a certificate?
Taking into account the approach to candidates, it is not difficult in our Training Center! During our courses, the most important role is played by the form of interaction between the instructor and the students, which has the greatest impact on the acquisition of knowledge. Our training methods and individual approach to students will allow you to easily acquire the appropriate portion of knowledge necessary to understand the rules related to safety in the workplace. In addition, the atmosphere in our center will allow you to take the exam in a stress-free way.

Forklift`s operator earnings

Do you know that…
Comparing the salaries of a forklift operator to other professions on the basis of statistics that our company conducted (of all job offers in the Netherlands), this profession is high on the list of job offers. The demand grows with entrepreneurs who are increasingly starting to expand their business or decide to start their own business in the industry, e.g. logistics, industrial, food, construction, etc. The only requirement is to have a forklift license.

Forklift course – the perfect way to increase your employment opportunities.
We should be focused on constant development, improvement and raising our professional qualifications, as well as acquiring new skills. In such a way that the constantly changing situation on the current labor market could not surprise us.
The ideal solution for the long-term unemployed (i.e. for a period exceeding six months) and all people looking for new employment opportunities, as well as relatively high earnings – it seems to be obtaining the license to drive forklifts.
The forklift operator course offers many employment opportunities. Nowadays, in the times of very fast development of transport, as well as industry, when there are constantly more and more huge warehouse halls to store goods – forklift operators are very desirable employees on the labor market. Moreover, it is always worth having such permissions. Often thanks to them, even when working in a different position, we will be able to replace someone who is a truck operator or look for an additional job (for example, wanting to earn additional money). Therefore, getting a forklift license is ideal, especially when you are considering changing jobs for profit. Usually, certificates informing the future employer about the completion of the forklift operator training course are sufficient.

Benefits of having a forklift license.
Before starting the course, many people ask themselves some basic questions:
Is it worth doing such a course?
Of course it’s worth it. Below are the main advantages of having such permissions:

  • To join such a course, it is not required to have any special education and undergo complicated psycho-technical tests.
  • The only conditions that must be met are completion of primary school and the age of the candidate over eighteen.
  • Standard certificate from an occupational medicine doctor that there are no contraindications to work in a given profession
  • The course does not last long and after its completion, a certificate is obtained, on the basis of which we can start working immediately
  • The prices of such courses are relatively low – especially considering the earning potential after starting a job as a forklift operator
  • Thanks to the authorization to work as a forklift operator, our opportunities for finding attractive increase several times. The price we pay for the course should be returned to us in a very short time.

How much does a forklift operator earn?
Usually it depends on the work performed by the operator and with what material he is working. Of course, wages in the Netherlands in companies without any special peculiarities are slightly lower than the wages you can count on in a typical logistics company – especially those in which you work in a one-shift system.
According to statistics, the average earnings of forklift operators in the Netherlands are in the range:
20 600 – 31 896 Euro per year
1 716 – 2 658 Euro per month
This amount is given in terms of working 40 hours a week.
It depends on whether we work one or five shifts a week, as well as the job specifications.
Although this salary is not very high, however, taking into account the Dutch realities of the area of ​​earnings, the nature of work, and the lack of special education required to take up work – we can safely say that these earnings are not the worst. This profession can be performed by both men and women.

The Bonapi company invites all interested parties to the training.

CNC operator – Computerized Numerical Control

It is a computerized manufacturing process in which pre-programmed software and code controls the movement of production equipment.
At Bonapi Training CenteI, the CNC course is now available. Call the office now and find out more about it.
A CNC course in the Netherlands is a good step to increase your earnings. There aren’t enough trained operators yet, so don’t worry about having no experience yet.
CNC Course- Invest in your development and start earning more in the easy way.

More and more companies are engaged in metalworking. Many companies see the benefits of using CNC machines. Companies that have already become convinced of this, increase their range of machines, therefore it requires the employment of specialized personnel. Our operating and programming courses will allow you to enter the world of metalworking.
Take part in the CNC training .
Apart from the necessary theory, you will also find practical application of the acquired skills on a CNC milling machine with Heidenhain control. If you prefer the ISO dialect, please let us know and we’ll be sure to help. For your convenience, the meetings will be held in the evening or at the weekend.

During theoretical classes, learning to read a technical drawing is planned, as well as learning about machining technology, including milling machines. Course participants will learn about the structure of the machine, the tools used for machining, the characteristic points of the device, as well as the control panel and the basic structure of programs.
During practical classes, the part of safe use will be discussed, as well as the basic activities of machine tool operation and its operating modes. As part of the course, our students will learn how to assemble tools and a vice, safely place a detail, as well as determine its characteristic points, control tool invasions and departures. As part of the practical part, machining and work in various modes of the machine tool will also be discussed.
How much do they pay?
Advertisements from companies looking for employees offer in the range of 2,500 € to 4,000 € gross, often offering direct contracts (without intermediaries), and a full social package. Smaller companies are looking for people who can speak Dutch or English, but large companies, due to their usually international workforce, accept employees who are not linguistically developed.
The synsel.nl job database reports over 800 jobs in CNC machining.

CNC machine operator- Responsibilities
A CNC machine operator deals with the operation of specialized devices, e.g. milling machines, grinders, boring machines and lathes. In addition, it carries out periodic technical inspections of the equipment and takes care of the entire process related to the mechanical processing of metals or plastics.

Bonapi Training Center invites to train both men and women.


Do you know that…
Not only a forklift and a telehandler or a crane can be used to transport material to higher floors.
The Ladderlift has been synonymous with high performance for years, even in unfavorable spatial conditions. It was developed especially for narrow construction sites and hard-to-reach places. Agile, compact, it is also easy to use, safely transports scaffolding components, building materials or furniture.

High-altitude transport plays a key role in logistics. In order to save time and costs, several solutions are needed that can be used quickly, easily and flexibly, while at the same time guaranteeing a long service life and safety. The lift combines exactly these requirements and ensures efficient material transport.

Ladderlift, can be powered by an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Modern designs also have hybrid drives. Especially in densely populated areas, the low-emission and quiet operation has great advantages. If there is no electricity on site, the hybrid trailer crane can optionally be operated by an internal combustion engine. If you want to gain skills and a certificate of safe work with ladderlift, contact us. Bonapi is the right place for you! Thanks to our knowledge and experienced trainees, the course will be a pleasure.

Heavyweight in Bonapi’s offer- Telehandler!

Thanks to the use of a telescopic arm and a large number of accessories, the machine is very popular in petrochemicals, industry, agriculture and construction. Established in 1953, Manitou is one of the most popular manufacturers of telescopic handlers. The name Manitou comes from French and, according to the founder of the company, means “it raises everything”.
The possibilities of telehandlers are impressive! Lifting height of up to 30 meters and the ability to lift 4000 kg in standard configurations! He’s a real heavyweight. The largest ones can lift 35,000 kg to a height of 15 meters. The possibilities of a long arm and an optional swivel cab mean that our heavyweight competitor is not afraid of heights and heavy tasks. Machines of this type are mainly used when it is necessary to deliver loads to great heights, e.g. in the case of:

 building materials, scaffolding elements necessary on the higher parts of the building;
 storage of agricultural produce;
 maintenance or cleaning works with the use of different accessories
 lifting work with the use of special equipment and after completing an additional course.

The secret of the multifunctionality of the telehandler lies mainly in the aforementioned interchangeable attachments. The lifts with the help of buckets are able to transport loose materials (both grain, gravel or sand), with the help of grippers – barrels, and with the use of forks – pallets – building materials.
Is it worth becoming an operator?
Each new qualification is primarily about improving our professional qualifications. Bearing in mind the wide range of machine applications, we will have no problem finding a job.
Working as a telehandler operator requires more experience from a forklift operator but is also better paid. The operator of such a machine, depending on experience, can earn from € 2,200 to € 3,000 gross.
Self-employed operators ‘ZZP’ who have a bigger experience are able to earn about € 55 per hour!
Are you interested in working with such a machine?
Team Bonapi will introduce you to the world of the telehandler operator in a pleasant atmosphere.

Sign in the course today!

Aspirant of the scaffolders assistant SVWOH

There is a lot of incorrect information circulating in the area of Dutch scaffolders about the scaffolders’ assistant SVWOH. That’s why we’ll be happy to explain what’s going on! From 2019, the obligation to register each scaffolder has been introduced. If you are just starting your adventure as a scaffolder, you also have to register.
Do you have many years of experience but you do not have any DNV certificate? You must register before taking the course and exam!
It is very simple:

  1. There is a “Register as Candidate Scaffolding Apprentice” window on the https://www.svwoh.nl/ website, click to proceed to registration.
  2. In the upper right corner you can change the page to English, after filling in the necessary information you choose the language of the exam.
  3. Registration costs € 108.90 (incl. VAT). After payment, you will be forwarded to the exam. The exam consists of 10 questions that you must answer correctly. Don’t worry, the number of tries is unlimited!
  4. Managed to pass? Then you probably already got your certificate by e-mail. Congratulations you are an Scaffolding Apprentice!
  5. From now, you or your employer can find you in the register:
    Just enter your date of birth and the first 3 letters of your surname. Now you can see your full name – clicking on it you will see the information “u heeft al een geldige registratie met nummer…. ”.
    Your number starts with AHM, by clicking on this number you will go to the register:

You can share your certificate via e-mail or whatsapp (icons at the top) or press the right arrow to see your certificate.
IMPORTANT: the aspirant is valid for 1 year! During this year you should take the DNV course and exam. If you miss it, you will have to register again! If you were certified as a DNV basic scaffolder or advanced scaffolder but your certificate has expired, you must do scaffolding apprentice.
You can find the rules on the DNV and SVWOH website.

How to properly operate a forklift/heftruck

Driving the forklift/heftruck is not the easiest task. It might seem that is only sitting behind the wheel, pressing a few buttons and you’re done! Meanwhile, the rules of moving a forklift are a bit more complex than you might think.
Special care and skillful use will make your work more effective and bring you more pleasure. So how to properly prepare for using a forklift/heftruck? First of all, you need to make sure that you meet the following criteria that will allow you to become an operator, namely:

How to properly operate a sideloader? – see how it should look like step by step:

  • you are over 18 years old;
  • there are no medical contraindications that may make you difficult to drive;
  • you have undergone appropriate training and are licensed as an operator.
  1. In the first instance, the operator’s role is to read the operating instructions for the device. It contains all the necessary information and parameters of the forklift truck.
    • Before you start working, it is necessary to carry out a daily inspection of the technical condition of the vehicle. In this case, you should pay attention to the most important aspects, such as:
      • visible external damage or lack of equipment;
      • the efficiency of the control panel;
      • operation of the gas and brake pedals;
      • efficiency of lighting and warning signals;
      • fluid level (engine oil, coolant, etc.)
      • battery level;
    • It is compulsory to fasten your seat belts.
    • Insert the key into the ignition switch, start the vehicle and pay attention to the display. If no warning lights appear, you can start working safely.
    • Raise the forks to the transport height (approx. 25 cm above the ground)
    • Always pay attention to the proper distribution of the load on the forks.
      Adjust the weight of the load to the value of the maximum capacity, never exceed the permissible values. The stability of the forklift truck depends largely on the operator, and the center of gravity of the transported goods should be in the center of the pallet.
    • Never carry passengers and passenger platforms / baskets- they are prohibited.
    • Turn the mast towards the hill when driving on a slope. Carrying out unloading and loading on slopes is strictly prohibited.
    • Never leave the vehicle with the engine running. If you have to leave the forklift, turn off the vehicle.
    • After finishing work, park the forklift in the designated place and remove the key from the ignition and put it in the right place.
    • What is the best way to safely lift loads with a front forklift – heftruck?
    • Transporting heavy loads requires high precision. In operating a forklift, not only skill and experience counts, but also concentration and attention to detail. After reaching the place of loading, you should perform the following steps:
    • Stop the vehicle at a safe distance from the loading site and straighten the mast.
    • Adjust the fork spread to the width of the load, raise it to the indicated height and slowly approach the load.
    • Carefully slide the forks under the load, trying to position them as far as possible for safe, stable lifting and transport.
    • Raise the forks to a safe moving height and tilt the mast toward you to resist the load on your counterweight.

    If you manage to do all of the above correctly without any obstacles, you are ready to transport and place the cargo in the indicated place.

    How to properly unload the front forklift?
    After reaching the place of unloading, you must proceed to the unloading activities one by one, namely:

    • Stop the vehicle at a safe distance from the unloading area and straighten the mast.
    • Raise the load to the indicated height and slowly approach the load.
    • Start unloading the goods.
    • When finished, place the forks back to the transport height.

    Both loading and unloading are the main elements of the forklift operator’s work, but not the only ones. Thanks to the installation of additional equipment, such as: plows, clamps, tilting waste containers, spikes, the device can become multifunctional, depending on the situation and need.
    In summary, being an operator is not only a certificate entitling you to work, but also exercises, practice and long hours spent on gaining experience. You can get all this necessary information by taking part in the training offered by Bonapi!

    Do not hesitate, sign up today!;)