What are DNV's scaffolder training courses?

Scaffolder courses are designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to assemble and dismantle scaffolding safely. They cover topics such as risk assessment, safety procedures and the use of different types of scaffolding. Once you have completed the course and confirmed your knowledge and skills by passing an examination, you will be able to work confidently and safely in a variety of scaffolding-related positions.

A DNV-certified training organisation is your assurance of high quality training. DNV is an international classification society operating, among other things, in the safety sector. DNV-certified scaffolder training is respected throughout the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Our DNV scaffolder training courses

If you are looking for reliable and proven training for scaffolders then Bonapi Training Center is the answer to your needs.
We have been providing training in the Netherlands for years. We have trained numerous employees in the scaffolding industry from scaffolder’s helpers and first fitters to inspectors.

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Assistant scaffolding fitter

Do you want to start working in scaffolding construction? Scaffolding helper training is the first step in your career.

Basic scaffolder

The Basic Scaffolder Certificate you will receive after completing the course and passing the exam will allow you to build scaffolding under supervision.

Advanced scaffolder

Is scaffolding construction a piece of cake for you? It's time to not only build it but also supervise the process. Sign up for the Advanced scaffolder course


Scaffold inspections are an ongoing process and necessary for the safe use of these structures. Inspectors are therefore essential for both the acceptance of scaffolding but also for cyclical inspections.

Scaffolding foreman

A specialist in his or her field. This is the scaffolding supervisor. If you have a lot of experience as a advanced scaffolder and want to develop further, this training is for you!

Exam scaffolder DNV

Your knowledge is so comprehensive and structured that you don't need training? Sign up for the exam.

Other services

Bonapi Training Center does not only provide individual training, but also a range of services aimed at companies.

Scaffolding harness & rope inspection

Personal protective equipment inspections provided by qualified personnel.

Sreening / Industry Test

Do you want to test the knowledge and skills of a job applicant or new employee? Leave it to the professionals!

Training for new employees (scaffolders)

Whether you are hiring people completely new to the industry or with little experience - we will get them ready to work on your projects in a matter of days.