What does this position entail and what are the tasks of an assistant scaffolding fitter?

Scaffolding installed by a professional scaffolding fitter is of the upmost importance for the successful execution of all projects. Solid scaffolding provides safety and support for the workers on the construction site, whilst allowing them to perform their work comfortably at height.
The scaffolding fitter’s assistant participates in the preparation of the work surface, the separation and also the preparation of the necessary elements of the scaffolding. Under the supervision of a basic or advanced scaffolder, the assistant participates in the construction of the scaffolding. However, the assistant cannot build scaffolding independently. The job is limited to the role of an assistant, who mainly collects and brings material for the construction of scaffolding.
The position of assistant scaffolding fitter is usually a transitional period, to obtain the qualifications of a scaffolding fitter, in accordance with the Dutch Scaffolding Directive (this is a general guide in the field of scaffolding construction).

Assistant scaffolding fitter

According to the DNV certification, we distinguish different degrees of professional
competence within the scaffolding business:

  • Assistant (Assistant Scaffolding Fitter)
  • Basic Scaffolder (Scaffolding Fitter)
  • Advanced Scaffolder (1st Scaffolding Fitter)
  • Inspector ( Scaffolding Inspector)
  • Foreman (Foreman Scaffolding)

To receive a DNV certificate entitling you to assemble and build scaffolding, you must complete the entire course and pass the exam.
The certificate of an assistant scaffolding fitter is valid for 5 years. After this period, it is necessary to pass both the theoretical and practical exam again.
New theoretical and practical exams are introduced every 5 years. Therefore, it is important to retrain and become familiar with any changes. This way you can prepare for new exams and also pass them easily.
Certification is realized according to the rules and instructions of SVWOH.

The price/costs of the assistant scaffolding fitter course including the DNV exam contain:

  • education
  • learning material
  • examination
  • certificate
  • entry in the register
  • hot meals, drinks and snacks
  • a nice atmosphere with an experienced instructor

The program covers the following topics:

  • Correct and safe use of personal protective equipment
  • Principles relating to the strength, stiffness and stability of scaffolding
  • Legislation in force in the Netherlands
  • Tasks and responsibilities ranging from assistant to Advanced scaffolder
  • Calculation of the amount of material to build the scaffolding
  • Use of brackets and cables longer than 2 meters on the scaffolding (ways and rules of attachment)
  • Hazards associated with working at height
  • Official designation of the material used in English and Dutch
  • Knowledge of the transfer of material at a distance
  • Scaffolding according to Dutch rules
  • Basics of projects you might be able to work on

The course to become an assistant scaffolding fitter, including the exam, lasts 5 days:

  • 2 days of theory (8 hours per day)
  • 2 days of practice (8 hours per day)
  • 1 day exam, which consists of 2 hours of theory and 5 hours of practice

Every day we start the course at 8.00 am. The scheduled end is at 4.00 pm. At 12.30 pm, we organize a longer break with a hot meal.
During the program we take short breaks, after each block of around 1.5 hours of lectures and/or practical lessons.

Each participant must be at least 18 years old and in possession of a valid proof of identity (ID card or passport).
To participate in the practical training, you will need the following:

  • personal protective equipment (helmet, goggles, work clothes and ankle boots)
  • safety harnesses with cords
  • tools must be fixed with cables, which will protect the equipment from falling from a height

You can acquire all equipment on site at Bonapi.

The course to become an assistant scaffolding fitter is provided in the following languages:

  • Polish ·
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Slovak
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Bulgarian

Assistant scaffolding fitter training takes place at our premises
Wattweg 39
3208KH Spijkenisse
Link to location on map: HOW TO GET THERE?

For the convenience of our trainees, the Bonapi Training Center has prepared teaching facilities with five equipped lecture rooms, a practical training area and a large hall.

Assistant scaffolding fitter in the Netherlands and Belgium

The DNV Assistant Scaffolding Fitter Training is aimed at people who want to fulfill the function of assistant (helper) scaffolding fitter in the Netherlands or in Belgium. The training material of the DNV includes specific knowledge about the efficient and safe assembly of

Very important information!

The obligation to hold a certificate of passing for an Assistant Scaffolding Fitter exam of the DNV has been suspended. To start working as an assistant, it is sufficient to register with SVWOH (the registration is valid for 1 year).


Assistant Scaffolding Fitter course in your language

Are you looking for a course to become an assistant scaffolding fitter? Are you at the beginning of your career in the scaffolding business?
During our theoretical and practical lessons, you will gain knowledge that enables you to obtain a DNV certification. In addition, you can prepare yourself to work in the Netherlands.
Our course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a certified assistant scaffolding fitter. Once you have successfully completed the course and passed the exam, you will receive a DNV certificate confirming your competence in this field. The training consists of theory and practical classes, so you will have plenty of opportunities to put your new skills into practice.

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