We carry out professional inspections of safety harnesses and other equipment.

Periodic inspection of equipment for working at height. The inspection of work-at-height equipment is a duty that can reduce or eliminate factors that may expose the worker to accidents. This type of inspection is not just a legal obligation, but more importantly a guarantee to work with working-at-height equipment that ensures the safety of workers.

What equipment do we inspect?

Inspections of safety harnesses or ropes are the most common services requested by our clients. At Bonapi Training Center, we perform comprehensive SOI inspections (inspections of personal protective equipment) for working at height.

We can carry out inspections of:

  • harnesses
  • safety harnesses
  • lines
  • pulleys

The inspection must be carried out before the end of the date on the certificate confirming that the equipment is fit for use. According to the regulations, this should be done at least once a year.
In the event of an adverse event which may have damaged the equipment, it is necessary to carry out the inspection immediately.

PPE must, of course, also be assessed by the user before each use.

The equipment submitted for inspection must be clean, as only this allows the condition to be assessed and then allowed to continue.

Bonapi conducts inspections of working-at-height equipment at its premises:
Wattweg 39-43
3208KH Spijkenisse
The equipment can be delivered to us in person or sent by courier.

It is also possible to carry out the inspection at weekends. In the case of a large amount of equipment to be inspected, we also travel to the customer.

We can carry out this service by billing on the basis of the amount of equipment or the time it takes to carry out the work.
€15,- per piece,
€25,- per set,

PPE / PPE inspections

PPE (personal protective equipment) inspections must be carried out by qualified specialists with appropriate certificates. Checking the technical condition of harnesses or other equipment of personal fall protection systems at Bonapi is a guarantee of using efficient equipment and ensuring the safety of employees.