What does SCC stand for? It is a Safety Certificate Contractors and it is a work safety management system in companies valid in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European Union countries. The SCC certificate may be required from us by employers when taking up employment in work with a higher degree of risk, most often at the managerial level or in a situation where we have a sole proprietorship. The SCC certificate is a confirmation for them that we have been trained and have the appropriate knowledge about safety in the workplace.


As the only company in the Netherlands, we conduct SCC trainings and exams. Our instructors are professionals trained by the German DAKKS institute. Thanks to our training program, during the two-day training you will not only be able to assimilate all the necessary knowledge, but also pass the exam and obtain a certificate.

  • Training
  • Examination
  • Certificate
  • Hot meals and drinks

• Legislation
• Personal protective equipment
• Labour law
• Risks in the workplace
• Hygiene and safety
• Dangerous behaviour and accidents
• Work with electricity
• Hazardous substances
• Fires and explosions
• Lifting equipment
• Work at height
• Hand and mechanical tools
• Work permits
• Evacuation
• Labour Inspectorate
• Posting of workers

SCC 017 courses are organized only as 2-day trainings.

The exam lasts 105 minutes. And it consists of 70 single-answer questions. To get a positive result, we must answer a minimum of 49 questions correctly.

Each participant must be at least 18 years old and have a valid identity document.

Training with the SCC 017 exam is available in many languages, including:

• German
• English
• Russian
• Ukrainian
• Polish
• Lithuanian
• Slovak
• Romanian
And others.

Courses with the SCC 017 exam in Polish take place in our company
Wattweg 39
3208KH Spijkenisse


SCC 017 is addressed mainly to managers, managers and self-employed people (ZZP). It is the equivalent of the Dutch VCA VOL. However, VCA VOL in the Netherlands is only valid in Dutch, English, German or French. SCC 017, however, can also be obtained in other languages. The SCC 017 certificate informs us that the employee has undergone a 2-day training in the field of safety and delegating people to work in places with increased risk.

The SCC 018 certificate, sometimes called SCC Basic, is a document proving knowledge of the basic principles of safety, health and environmental protection at work, having the ability to recognize and prevent dangerous situations and events. It is the equivalent of the Dutch VCA Basis.

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