SOG training – forklift

The SOG qualification is designed for workers with higher risk jobs.
These training courses were developed for the petrochemical industry. Nowadays, they are widely used for many companies in ports or industrial plants.

The SSVV (SOG) front forklift training course takes 2 days and consists of 2 segments. We start each SOG training course with a theoretical part and then move on to practical training.

After the training, we conduct an examination.

SOG training at Bonapi is given by a certified trainer.

Price includes:

  • training
  • exam
  • certificate
  • card
  • hot meals, drinks, snacks
  • a pleasant atmosphere with an experienced instructor

Course programme:

  • Regulations.
  • LMRA (Last Minute Risk Analysis).
  • Types, construction and purpose of forklift trucks.
  • Forklift propulsion and use (electric, diesel, gas).
  • Driver responsibilities when operating forklifts before and after work.
  • Forklift truck operation.
  • Loading knowledge (types of pallets, ways of palletising goods).
  • Learning how to drive, lift, carry and manoeuvre a load.
  • Working on the warehouse rack, stacking and storing pallets.
  • News on service and technical supervision.

The SOG training lasts 2 days and consists of 3 segments:

  • Theoretical training
  • Practical training
  • Examination

Each trainee must be at least 18 years old and have a valid identity document (identity card or passport).
Note: A driving licence is not a valid identity document.

The course participant must hold a valid VCA Basis or VCA VOL certificate.

The SOG course is given in:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • Polish

Where does the training take place?
Courses takes place at our location
Wattweg 39
3208KH Spijkenisse
Link to location on map: HOW TO GET THERE?

For the convenience of our trainees, the Bonapi Training Center has prepared teaching facilities with five equipped lecture rooms, a practical training area and a large hall.

SOG certificate

The SOG certificate is mandatory for any company with a VCA in place where higher risk work is being carried out.

Individuals who have passed an examination are eligible for SOG certification. At the Bonapi Training Center, every trainee who passes the SOG examination receives a card and certificate. He or she is also registered in the SSVV register.

The SOG qualification is valid for 5 years and a refresher course must be partaken before this date.

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