23 February 2021

Forklift training

The new course in our offer is training for forklift

Information about the course below:

For who?
This training is intended for employees who are responsible for operating a forklift, both indoors and outdoors (warehouses, construction sites, etc.). People who work with forklift trucks in the Netherlands are legally obliged to have the correct authorization. A driving license is not required to participate in training and exams.

What will you learn?
– regulations,
– construction of the forklift,
– LMRA (last minute task risk analysis),
– visual inspection and forklift operation,
– remove and stack pallets at height,
– lifting and maneuvering a wide load,
– parking in the right place and with the handbrake

What does a one-day training completed with an exam look like?

The day starts with a delicious coffee and an introduction to the instructor and other students. We start the morning with a theory that covers the following topics:
– Fall moment and types of forklifts
– Drive for trucks and their use (electric, diesel, gas)
– Transport and storage of goods
– Security

After theoretical discussions it is time for a warm meal provided by Bonapi, in which we have time to absorb the information we got in the morning. After a break of 30 minutes, we begin the practice in which we will learn the following:
– visual inspection and operation of the forklift,
– remove and stack pallets at height,
– lifting and maneuvering a wide load,
– park in the right place and use the parking brake

After the course it is time for the theoretical and practical exam, which is supported by the Pontifex exam office. If the exam result is positive, the candidates receive a certificate and a pass.

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