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Comparing the salaries of a forklift operator to other professions on the basis of statistics that our company conducted (of all job offers in the Netherlands), this profession is high on the list of job offers. The demand grows with entrepreneurs who are increasingly starting to expand their business or decide to start their own business in the industry, e.g. logistics, industrial, food, construction, etc. The only requirement is to have a forklift license.

Forklift course – the perfect way to increase your employment opportunities.
We should be focused on constant development, improvement and raising our professional qualifications, as well as acquiring new skills. In such a way that the constantly changing situation on the current labor market could not surprise us.
The ideal solution for the long-term unemployed (i.e. for a period exceeding six months) and all people looking for new employment opportunities, as well as relatively high earnings – it seems to be obtaining the license to drive forklifts.
The forklift operator course offers many employment opportunities. Nowadays, in the times of very fast development of transport, as well as industry, when there are constantly more and more huge warehouse halls to store goods – forklift operators are very desirable employees on the labor market. Moreover, it is always worth having such permissions. Often thanks to them, even when working in a different position, we will be able to replace someone who is a truck operator or look for an additional job (for example, wanting to earn additional money). Therefore, getting a forklift license is ideal, especially when you are considering changing jobs for profit. Usually, certificates informing the future employer about the completion of the forklift operator training course are sufficient.

Benefits of having a forklift license.
Before starting the course, many people ask themselves some basic questions:
Is it worth doing such a course?
Of course it’s worth it. Below are the main advantages of having such permissions:

  • To join such a course, it is not required to have any special education and undergo complicated psycho-technical tests.
  • The only conditions that must be met are completion of primary school and the age of the candidate over eighteen.
  • Standard certificate from an occupational medicine doctor that there are no contraindications to work in a given profession
  • The course does not last long and after its completion, a certificate is obtained, on the basis of which we can start working immediately
  • The prices of such courses are relatively low – especially considering the earning potential after starting a job as a forklift operator
  • Thanks to the authorization to work as a forklift operator, our opportunities for finding attractive increase several times. The price we pay for the course should be returned to us in a very short time.

How much does a forklift operator earn?
Usually it depends on the work performed by the operator and with what material he is working. Of course, wages in the Netherlands in companies without any special peculiarities are slightly lower than the wages you can count on in a typical logistics company – especially those in which you work in a one-shift system.
According to statistics, the average earnings of forklift operators in the Netherlands are in the range:
20 600 – 31 896 Euro per year
1 716 – 2 658 Euro per month
This amount is given in terms of working 40 hours a week.
It depends on whether we work one or five shifts a week, as well as the job specifications.
Although this salary is not very high, however, taking into account the Dutch realities of the area of ​​earnings, the nature of work, and the lack of special education required to take up work – we can safely say that these earnings are not the worst. This profession can be performed by both men and women.

The Bonapi company invites all interested parties to the training.

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