Heavyweight in Bonapi’s offer- Telehandler!

Thanks to the use of a telescopic arm and a large number of accessories, the machine is very popular in petrochemicals, industry, agriculture and construction. Established in 1953, Manitou is one of the most popular manufacturers of telescopic handlers. The name Manitou comes from French and, according to the founder of the company, means “it raises everything”.
The possibilities of telehandlers are impressive! Lifting height of up to 30 meters and the ability to lift 4000 kg in standard configurations! He’s a real heavyweight. The largest ones can lift 35,000 kg to a height of 15 meters. The possibilities of a long arm and an optional swivel cab mean that our heavyweight competitor is not afraid of heights and heavy tasks. Machines of this type are mainly used when it is necessary to deliver loads to great heights, e.g. in the case of:

 building materials, scaffolding elements necessary on the higher parts of the building;
 storage of agricultural produce;
 maintenance or cleaning works with the use of different accessories
 lifting work with the use of special equipment and after completing an additional course.

The secret of the multifunctionality of the telehandler lies mainly in the aforementioned interchangeable attachments. The lifts with the help of buckets are able to transport loose materials (both grain, gravel or sand), with the help of grippers – barrels, and with the use of forks – pallets – building materials.
Is it worth becoming an operator?
Each new qualification is primarily about improving our professional qualifications. Bearing in mind the wide range of machine applications, we will have no problem finding a job.
Working as a telehandler operator requires more experience from a forklift operator but is also better paid. The operator of such a machine, depending on experience, can earn from € 2,200 to € 3,000 gross.
Self-employed operators ‘ZZP’ who have a bigger experience are able to earn about € 55 per hour!
Are you interested in working with such a machine?
Team Bonapi will introduce you to the world of the telehandler operator in a pleasant atmosphere.

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