How to properly operate a high storage truck – reachtruck

We know from our experience that for some students, operating a reachtruck seems to be a complicated task. The main source of concern is the different construction characteristics of these vehicles which unlike the others, are distinguished by the perpendicular assembly of the carriage and forks in relation to the operator’s cabin. Getting acquainted with certain rules of use will make your work easier, safer and more enjoyable.

So how to properly prepare for work using a reach truck?
First of all, you need to make sure that you meet the following criteria that will allow you to become an operator, namely:

  • you are over 18 years old;
  • there are no medical contraindications that may cause several difficulties while driving;
  • you have undergone appropriate training and you are licensed as an operator.

How to properly operate a reachtruck? – see how it should look like step by step:

  1. In the first place, the operator’s role is to read the operating instructions for the vehicle. It contains all the necessary information and parameters of the reachtruck.
  2. Before you start working, it is necessary to carry out a daily inspection of the technical condition of the vehicle. In this case, you should pay attention to the most important aspects, such as:
    • visible external damage or lack of equipment;
    • efficiency of the control panel;
    • operation of all pedals;
    • efficiency of lighting and warning signals;
    • fluid level (engine oil, coolant, etc.)
    • battery level;
  3. Before starting, ensure yourself the greatest possible comfort and safety by adjusting the seat so that you have easy access to the control panel.
  4. It is compulsory to fasten seat belts.
  5. Make sure that there is enough space around to be able to transport loads freely.
  6. Insert the key into the ignition switch, start the vehicle and pay attention to the display. If no warning lights appear, you can start working safely.
  7. Remember that the left foot should remain on the safety pedal pressed all the time (after lifting the foot, the vehicle will stop and the control panel will not take any action).
  8. When moving on a slope, make sure to point the mast as far as possible to the hill to achieve the best possible stability and balance.
  9. When working, take into account important parameters, such as maximum lifting capacity, mast range, turning radius.
  10. Do not make the vehicle available to unauthorized persons (without proper authorization).
  11. Finish your work after you have parked the vehicle in its proper place, keeping the key in a safe place.

How should you safely unload the reachtruck?
After reaching the place of unloading, you should perform the following steps:

  1. Stop the vehicle at a safe distance from the unloading site and straighten the mast.
  2. Raise the forks and carefully approach the destination.
  3. Start unloading by slightly lowering the forks.
  4. After depositing the load, raise the forks to a safe transport height.

To sum up, after reading the tips above, the operation of the reachtruck can become simpler and safer. It is worth noting, however, that being an operator requires patience and practice. The operator’s efficiency increases with his experience.
However, it is worth to remember that operating a reachtruck is a bit more difficult and requires more skills than driving other forklifts.

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