23 May 2021

Information about COVID-19 tests

From April 28, 2021 the first stage of exiting the lockdown is prohibited in the Netherlands.

Basic recommendations:

  • minimum distance from other people is 1.5 meters;
  • avoid large crowds;
  • wash my hands often, and cover my mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing;
  • for COVID-19 coincident illnesses get tested: on this page and stay isolated;
  • work from home whenever possible.

If things continue to improve, the new rules will take effect on May 19. However, if the number of infections does not drop to the expected level, a decision may be made on Monday to suspend the easing of restrictions.

In accordance with the new regulation, restaurants will be open from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. Zoos, amusement parks and other attractions open in time to start again on May 19, subject to 1 guest per 10 square meters. Mandatory bookings for such visits initiated. Museums and other cultural institutions may be reopened to people who tested negative for the coronavirus.

The cut off on abstaining from travel will be lifted this Saturday, May 15th. More and more countries are marked with a yellow code, which means that they will become a safe place for vacation trips. Be sure to go through the advice and any limited restrictions applicable in your country before each trip you plan.

Tests for people crossing the border

On May 6, special, free, quick tests for coronavirus were introduced in the Netherlands, intended for people who cross the border with Germany, e.g. because of their profession.

These tests are dedicated to people living in the Netherlands for a day, but foresters, caring for their loved ones, treating themselves, studying or studying abroad. However, you must disclose this and have appropriate documents confirming this fact.

The Travel Tests can be purchased on one of the eight test tracks, marking yourself near the border. More information on booking calls for information and directions see this fragrance

Home testing

Home tests for coronavirus are now available in selected Dutch pharmacies, but soon it will be available for around 9 € / piece also in supermarkets and petrol stations. They will be especially useful for people who feel unwell, need to go to school, work, or visit people at high risk.

Such a test cannot be considered reliable by persons:

  • with obvious symptoms of coronavirus infection;
  • of origin previously contact with patients with COVID-19;
  • caregivers for people with priority concerns;
  • returning from risk credit ;
  • belonging to the risk group ;

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