Do you know that…
Not only a forklift and a telehandler or a crane can be used to transport material to higher floors.
The Ladderlift has been synonymous with high performance for years, even in unfavorable spatial conditions. It was developed especially for narrow construction sites and hard-to-reach places. Agile, compact, it is also easy to use, safely transports scaffolding components, building materials or furniture.

High-altitude transport plays a key role in logistics. In order to save time and costs, several solutions are needed that can be used quickly, easily and flexibly, while at the same time guaranteeing a long service life and safety. The lift combines exactly these requirements and ensures efficient material transport.

Ladderlift, can be powered by an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Modern designs also have hybrid drives. Especially in densely populated areas, the low-emission and quiet operation has great advantages. If there is no electricity on site, the hybrid trailer crane can optionally be operated by an internal combustion engine. If you want to gain skills and a certificate of safe work with ladderlift, contact us. Bonapi is the right place for you! Thanks to our knowledge and experienced trainees, the course will be a pleasure.

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