Bonapi Scaffolding Training(BST) vs Bonapi Training Center (BTC)

NEW NAME! Thanks to the development of our company, we offer more and more professional courses! That’s why it’s time to change the name, BST (Bonapi Scaffolding Training) is now called BTC (Bonapi Training Center). Our new logo is already visible on our website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Bonapi Training Center was founded in […]


Dear Reader,  You are definitely someone’s brother, sister, father, mother, colleague or  co-worker and that’s why you should think about the health and safety of  your loved ones and those around you.    Bonapi has introduced first aid training to its offer – you never know when it  may be useful to you! At home, at work and even on the street!  Do you know that you can save someone’s life?    There is nothing to think about after all, safety comes first!    We invite you to sign up: First aid (EHBO)

Digital exam Advanced Scaffolder from September 1

In recent months, SVWOH has worked hard on the revision and renewal of the Basic scaffolder  and Advanced scaffolder exams. The nomenclature and conditions of the exams were  improved and new practical exams were developed.    However, SVWOH encountered a number of unforeseen issues that require more time than  had been estimated in advance, such as developing new questions, a longer lead time and  building a new structure. It has therefore been decided that the digital exam for Advanced  Scaffolder (mandatory) will be introduced as of September 1, 2021 instead of July 1, 2021.

Information about COVID-19 tests

From April 28, 2021 the first stage of exiting the lockdown is prohibited in the Netherlands. Basic recommendations: minimum distance from other people is 1.5 meters; avoid large crowds; wash my hands often, and cover my mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing; for COVID-19 coincident illnesses get tested: on this page and stay isolated; […]

5 of the most popular applications for cherrypickers

Originally designed for use in fruit picking orchards, this versatile device can be used both for attaching a telegraph pole and for removing cherries from trees. Cherrypickers have a wide variety of applications and are an integral part of many construction and engineering environments. Safety is paramount when performing work above ground, and such work […]

VCA Basic course and exam in 1 day!

VCA is the name of an OH&S management system in companies in the Netherlands and Belgium (often also in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia). The Basic VCA exam course (Basic VCA / B-VCA) is a basic occupational safety training and is intended for practically everyone who has to deal with any risk. The abbreviation VCA […]

We cordially invite you to trainings for forklift operators!

New in Bonapi offer! Currently, there is a great demand on the Dutch labor market for certified forklift operators. After completing our one-day training and passing the exam, you will receive a certificate and a card in the form of a card that will legally allow you to work on a forklift in the Netherlands. […]

Forklift training

The new course in our offer is training for forklift Information about the course below: For who? This training is intended for employees who are responsible for operating a forklift, both indoors and outdoors (warehouses, construction sites, etc.). People who work with forklift trucks in the Netherlands are legally obliged to have the correct authorization. […]


– minimum 1.5 years of having basic scaffolder DNV certificate – possession of a certificate other than DNV, however, the certificate must be valid and not expired, the certificate must be issued by a Dutch examination office. We would like to inform all scaffolders present in the Netherlands as well as those who want to […]


– minimum 1.5 years certificate for Advanced Scaffolder – a minimum of 5 years in the profession confirmed by the employer or principal The scaffolding inspector exam is available in English, Dutch, German and French.

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