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Online and hybrid courses

Online training in the Netherlands

Bonapi is a proven supplier of professional training in the Netherlands. To meet the needs of its trainees, it also offers a variety of online courses such as VCA and forklift operator certification, both valuable for ambitious professionals.

Bonapi’s online training platform provides convenient access to courses on all devices. Attendees can receive instruction conveniently at their own pace.

Bonapi is committed to quality and efficiency, making it a trusted company offering online courses in the Netherlands.

VCA course online

Bonapi offers the VCA Basic course online. We have used the most practical approach to the VCA and developed an ideal programme that provides lessons, quizzes, tutorials and notes to help you understand the entire subject in a very short time.
Bonapi also allows you to revisit each lesson as often as you need

Online forklift course

Bonapi’s online forklift course provides a convenient, easy way to become certified and increase your knowledge of vehicle operationing

After passing the online course, the trainee proceeds to the practical classes at our centre. Upon completion of the course, we provide a certificate confirming the operator’s skills