Aerial Platforms (Cherrypicker)

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Aerial platforms – also known as mobile platforms or colloquially lifting platforms – are lifting devices used to lift people with tools to work stations. This type of cranes is extremely popular in almost every industry – from construction, transport, service and advertising, to the broadly understood light and heavy industry sector. In the Netherlands, it does not matter what lifts you choose during the training. There is one certificate for lifting platforms without division into scissor lifts and telescopic lifts.
After the training, you will receive a certificate thanks to which you will be able to use scissor and telescopic lifts at work.



They are multifunctional, so they prove useful for a wide variety of jobs. In order to work safely on mobile work platforms, a few basic rules must be followed. We provide training for aerial work platforms for both private individuals and companies.

If you sign up you can get a certificate for scissor, telescopic, articulated or mast lifts in one day!

In the theoretical part, the issues concern:

  • safety standards
  • definition and deployment of working platforms
  • types of machines: scissor, telescopic, articulated, mobile, slow-moving moving – activities
  • operator of platforms before, during and after work
  • types of communication
  • effective work techniques
  • how to safely use the machine.

As for the practical part, interested parties can choose specific types of lifts.
Our operator training program is tailored to the trainees’ experience and is led by IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) approved instructors.

What are the types of mobile platforms?
There are three types of platforms

  • mast climbing work platforms
  • mobile access platforms
  • hanging mobile platforms

Due to the type of boom, there are 4 types of booms:

  • scissors,
  • articulated,
  • articulated telescopic,
  • telescopic

Possibility cherypicker + scissor lift €250

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