Forklift + reachtruck + EPT



What will you learn?

  • Regulations
  • LMRA (Last Minute Risk Analysis).
  • Types, construction and use of forklift.
  • Drive for forklift and their use (electric, diesel, gas).
  • The obligations of the driver when handling forklifts
    before and after work.
  • Maintenance of the forklift
  • Loading information (types of pallets, ways of
    palletizing goods).
  • Learning to drive, lift, transport and maneuver loads.
  • Work on a warehouse rack, stack and storage of
  • Information about the service and technical guidance.
  • Construction of the EPT and its parameters.
  • Danger that occur during work.
  • Ways to work safely, taking into account the conditions
    in the warehouse, loading and unloading of motor
  • How to act in emergency situations.
  • Practical lessons
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