Refresher course- Forklift, reachtruck, EPT

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When you have successfully completed a forklift basic course, you will receive your forklift certificate and a pass that is valid for 5 years. After these 5 years you have to gain experience again, which you do through a forklift refresher course. Your current knowledge will be refreshed during the refresher course. The forklift refresher course complies with the health and safety legislation and regulations.

In case you want to book an refresh course please call +31 648721703 or email



Forklift refresher course- Forklift, reachtruck, EPT

During the forklift refresher course where you are going to
renew your forklift certificate, you will receive the following

  • Regulations
  • LMRA (Last Minute Risk Analysis).
  • Types, construction and use of forklift.
  • Drive for forklift and their use (electric, diesel, gas).
  • The obligations of the driver when handling forklifts
    before and after work.
  • Maintenance of the forklift
  • Loading information (types of pallets, ways of
    palletizing goods).
  • Learning to drive, lift, transport and maneuver loads.
  • Work on a warehouse rack, stack and storage of
  • Information about the service and technical guidance.
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