Reachtruck course

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Reachtrucks, are one of many types of stacker trucks. Like all
forklift trucks, they have a mechanical lifting drive, different from
the strength of human muscles. Devices of this type differ from
standard (front) forklifts by a more compact structure, greater
maneuverability and the fact that the operator’s seat is positioned
“sideways” to the direction of travel. This unusual position of the
operator, paradoxically, helps to maintain good visibility when
maneuvering in tight storage aisles and provides a high level of
comfort and ergonomics when operating the truck (the operator
reversing the truck does not have to turn the head 180 °). Due to
their construction and properties, sideloaders are most often used
in warehouse halls of considerable height.



The training and exam for the reachtruck is meant for employees of warehouses, factories, construction sites, etc. in the Netherlands. The course includes practical and theoretical lessons. Training and exams are available in Polish, English, German or Dutch. The training includes material developed on the basis of recommendations and guidelines from Dutch regulations, the Working Conditions Act and European guidelines.

After successfully passing the exam you will receive a certificate that is required to work with the reachtruck.

What will you learn?

  • Regulations
  • LMRA (Last Minute Risk Analysis).
  • Types, construction and use of heftruck.
  • Drive for heftruck and their use (electric, diesel, gas).
  • The obligations of the driver when handling heftruck before and after work.
  • Maintenance of the heftruck
  • Loading information (types of pallets, ways of palletizing goods).
  • Learning to drive, lift, transport and maneuver loads.
  • Work on a warehouse rack, stack and storage of pallets.
  • Information about the service and technical guidance.
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