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SCC is the name of the occupational safety management system used in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other EU countries. The SCC abbreviation means Sicherheits Certifikat Contraktoren (Safety, Health, Environment, Subontractor’s Checklist). The subcontractor’s checklist is an extended list of questions, the main purpose of which is to ensure safety to all employees in the workplace. One of the primary requirements of the SCC system is the possession by employees and subcontractors of the SCC certificate. The SCC certificate is issued in the form of a diploma. An important element of the diploma is the logo of the SCC and of the accrediting body.

The SCC certificate is valid for 10 years. In Germany, it is required to have the SCC certificate accredited by the German DAkkS institute. Personal Safety Logbook (Veiligheidspaspoort) is an additional document in which the current trainings and permits are entered. The SCC certificate allows taking up jobs in companies that execute high-risk work in the following disciplines: petrochemical, construction, heavy industry, and many other in Germany, Austria and other EU states.

  • The SCC 018 certificate is intended for line employees
  • Two-day stationary training (24 teaching hours) conducted by an accredited training body.

The SCC 018 exam is available in Polish, English, German and other EU languages.

Price: 215 excl. BTW

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