The course is two days long. It lasts 16 hours and contains information intended specifically for intermediaries, such as: legislation and responsibility in the field of employment agencies, relations between the client – employment agency and temporary employee, VCA history, labor law, i.e. the obligations of the employer, employee and labor office, ergonomics of the workplace.

The course covers all the issues discussed during the VOL VCA course, including personal protective equipment, hazardous substances and materials and their impact on humans and the environment, fire and evacuation, work at heights, particularly hazardous work, cranes and lifts, electric and battery tools, trolleys forklifts.

If, as a company – including a recruitment agency, you send employees to VCA-certified companies, your employees must have a valid VCU certificate. As an intermediary or manager of a temporary employment agency, you are required to hold the Safety for Intercedents and Operational Managers VCU diploma, known as VIL VCU.



The VIL VCU certificate is intended for people who act as coordinators / managers of employment agencies. The VIL VCU certificate proves that the rules of management, delegation and supervision of employees comply with the applicable Labor Law. Along with VIL VCU, it can be indicated that the employee is aware of the safety requirements imposed on employees in companies with SCC certification.

The VIL VCU exam is conducted in Spijkenisse, the candidate has 75 minutes to complete the computer test. A score of 45 or more means you pass the exam. After passing, you will receive a diploma confirming your skills, a plastic card to be presented in the workplace and you will be entered in the VCA Central Register of Diplomas. You will get your diploma by post within 7 days, you can also pick it up at our center.

Knowledge of Dutch at level B is required.

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