Voorman Scaffolding

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Voorman scaffolding is the leader during scaffolding construction. He is responsible for the timely delivery of scaffolding and is responsible for building the scaffolding in accordance with the applicable quality standards. Voorman feels like a fish in the water during scaffolding construction and deals with communication about building the scaffolding with the client.

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Available on backorder



What will you learn during this training?

  • Project process from order to delivery.
  • Term of safe and efficient methods of (dis)assembly and modification of one or more scaffolds.
  • How to pass the correct work instructions and make a work drawing, how to present it and explain to the scaffolders group.
  • Management and supervision of a scaffolders group.
  • Transfer of the required data for constructing the scaffolding to the constructor on the basis of information and drawings from the customer.
  • What mean „complex scaffolding” and „special circumstances”.
  • Control whether work is carried out in accordance with safety regulations and procedures.
  • Assessment of all aspects of scaffold safety based on inspection.
  • How to propose corrective measures if necessary.
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