Renting a hall, classroom, workshop or conference rooms in the Netherlands.

If you are thinking about expanding your business, but you lack a suitable place to lead workshops, business meetings or trainings, you should consider renting a conference/training room suitably adapted so that you can lead them in convenient conditions. Now you can rent a conference room at the Bonapi Training Center in Spijkenisse, near Rotterdam.

Appropriate location and organization is a very important issue on your way to success, and the pleasant atmosphere and surroundings will certainly help you in it.

The Bonapi training center has several classrooms and conference rooms equipped with TV sets, interactive smartboards, projectors, screens, a coffee machine, a sound system and air conditioning. Our location provides very good access by public transport and a large, free car park.

Most of our courses take place on weekends, so during the week we are happy to provide rooms to those who need them only occasionally. The rooms are ideal for leading trainings or meetings, this is what they were designed for. We have four classrooms, each equipped with tables and chairs that can be arranged as needed or taken out if you need free space. The classrooms are clean, tidy, with good lighting and ventilation. Everything you need for a comfortable meeting. Classrooms are from 30 to 70 m2 and can accommodate from 16 to 38 people. They are located on level 0 and on the first floor.
The building is quietly located on the outskirts of Spijkenisse, outside of Rotterdam.

It is possible to rent the room for a few hours and for a whole day or for several days. It is also possible to rent rooms in the evenings (after working hours of the training center).

All details are determined individually due to the needs of the interested parties.