System trucks, vna, combi (man up, man down)

What the system trucks are?

These are multi-purpose devices for work in narrow warehouse aisles or halls, tightly installed shelves and racks make it impossible to take standard action storage vehicles. This type of solution is used in space often exceeding just a few centimeters of the width of the truck alone system.

Why system trucks?

The development of the warehouse and logistics industry in the Netherlands creates new challenges. The reason is that companies want maximize their storage capacity and maintaining a constant area of their infrastructure. Modern logistics requires continuous modernization of the technologies used in the warehouse. In closed rooms, such as factories, warehouses or various types of production plants trucks system are the solution . The Dutch labor market focuses on innovations, trucks system is the answer to the ever-changing trend in this industry

Are system trucks, a solution for every company?

When deciding on such a solution, we must remember that these devices have been left designed for high-quality floors, and require adequate space for turning (4.5-5 m) so-called transfer corridor. These treatments have a purpose enable inductive or rail-roller guidance.

What are the different types of trucks? What tasks were they for designed?

Order Picker Truck (VNA).

Order Picker Trucks, also known as trucks Very Narrow Aisle VNAs are designed for reversible pallet picking. This multi-purpose vehicle is ideal for efficient order completion, while at the same time safe and stable operation of the machine. With a lifting capacity of 1200 to 1500 kg and the possibility of storing and retrieving cargo from a height of 17.5 m, the vehicle retainsrelatively fast speed of movement, even up to 12 km/h.


Three-sided system trucks, otherwise “Combitruck”. System trucks can be divided into two-way and three-way. Fork rotation around own axis is a great convenience, this function allows the use of each side of the corridor side, in front also from the very floor on which the “Combitruck” is located. Double-sided truck, in turn, although their functionality is more limited, they are able to work in a lot narrower aisles between 1500 and 1800 mm. The range of these trolleys is loading to height over 14 m

Man-Up, Man-Down.

We distinguish one more division of trucks into Man-Up and Man-Down. The first solution is characterized by that the forks raise together with the operator’s cab specified height. It’s perfect for both for completing orders as well as for storage and pallet making. Man-Down truck support is provided similar, but its functionality is limited to floor level. Is it worth it obtain, a license for system forklifts and why in Bonapi?.

Is it worth obtaining a license for system forklifts and why at Bonapi?

Popularization of this type of solutions, increases the demand for system trucks operators, but awareness there is a shortage of qualified workers in this industry. Comfortable and automatic driving of the vehicle reduces the risk of errors by the operator, which makes this solution attractive. Our Training Center is one of the few Center that offers this type of courses in the Netherlands. Our qualified staff, will confidently and effectively introduce you to the secrets of using system forklifts.

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