What is a VCA course and how do I get a VCA certificate?

What is VCA and what do you really need it for?
It is obvious that, as employees / subcontractors, we must be able to perform our work in a safe way and as little harmful to our health as possible. In order to meet the needs of both employers and employees, a health and safety management system was created, which is part of the overall management system of the company. The VCA certificate gives clients the certainty that the contractor works in accordance with safety standards and operates in the most reliable way.

Which employee group is VCA addressed to?
To everyone! Regardless of which group of employees you belong to, you should have a valid VCA certificate. We often do not realize the risks associated with our work. By recognizing them, appropriate measures can be taken to be able to work in a safe and hygienic manner, and to minimize the risk.

So how can you get certificate?
The only way is to take part in a 1-day training course, during which you will acquire a solid dose of knowledge. The 7-hour training ends with a computer – based exam conducted by a Certified Examination Center. After all you will receive the document confirming passing the exam and a card with an authorization number, as well as an entry in the Central Register of VCA

Is the VCA then recognized by other European countries as well?
The VCA certificate is valid in all Benelux countries, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and even in the Scandinavian countries, although it is issued only in the Netherlands. Having a VCA certificate gives you the same privileges in the above-mentioned countries as when working in the Netherlands. It is the equivalent of local safety management systems.

Do I have a bigger chance of finding a job with a valid VCA certificate?
It is obvious that having a valid VCA certificate increases your chances of finding a job in technical industries, such as assembly, welding, electricity, petrochemicals, etc. These are jobs defined by law as “high risk jobs”, which you will not start without a valid VCA certificate. So, investing money in the course is a long-term investment in ourselves. Certificates are valid for 10 years, so the cost is 6 cents per a day.

How difficult is it to get a certificate?
Taking into account the approach to candidates, it is not difficult in our Training Center! During our courses, the most important role is played by the form of interaction between the instructor and the students, which has the greatest impact on the acquisition of knowledge. Our training methods and individual approach to students will allow you to easily acquire the appropriate portion of knowledge necessary to understand the rules related to safety in the workplace. In addition, the atmosphere in our center will allow you to take the exam in a stress-free way.