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Digital exam Advanced Scaffolder from September 1

In recent months, SVWOH has worked hard on the revision and renewal of the Basic scaffolder  and Advanced scaffolder exams. The nomenclature and conditions of the exams were  improved and new practical exams were developed.    However, SVWOH encountered a number of unforeseen issues that require more time than  had been estimated in advance, such as developing new questions, a longer lead time and  building a new structure. It has therefore been decided that the digital exam for Advanced  Scaffolder (mandatory) will be introduced as of September 1, 2021 instead of July 1, 2021.


– minimum 1.5 years of having basic scaffolder DNV certificate – possession of a certificate other than DNV, however, the certificate must be valid and not expired, the certificate must be issued by a Dutch examination office. We would like to inform all scaffolders present in the Netherlands as well as those who want to […]


– minimum 1.5 years certificate for Advanced Scaffolder – a minimum of 5 years in the profession confirmed by the employer or principal The scaffolding inspector exam is available in English, Dutch, German and French.


Every new person in the scaffolding environment should proceed with the mandatory registration in SVWOH. How this registration proceeds: – creating an account at www.SVWOH.nl – payment of €85 ex. BTW – answer 10 questions without error – after completing the questions, you are a scaffolder assistant According to SVWOH and DNV regulations, you should […]

Very important statment due to changes in trainings and exam DNV from 1st of June 2019

Hi guys, Very important statment due to changes in trainings and exam DNV from 1st of June 2019‼️ I would like to inform everyone who works or want to work in scaffolding about the big changes that will come in from next month. DNV is an institute that issues certificates for scaffolders and sets criteria […]

The new directive Richtlijn Steigers (Guidlines of scaffolding)

The new directive Richtlijn Steigers (Guidlines of scaffolding), which has been approved in de Arbocatalogus Bouw & Infra (Health and Safety catalog for Building- and Infrastructure industries), takes legal effect. The ZSW inspection is an institution that can inspect the working place of a scaffolding fitter, and if the worker  has a DNV certificate. If […]