9 April 2019

The new directive Richtlijn Steigers (Guidlines of scaffolding)

The new directive Richtlijn Steigers (Guidlines of scaffolding), which has been approved in de Arbocatalogus Bouw & Infra (Health and Safety catalog for Building- and Infrastructure industries), takes legal effect.

The ZSW inspection is an institution that can inspect the working place of a scaffolding fitter, and if the worker  has a DNV certificate.

If the person will not be able to present a valid certificate, the inspecting insitution will look into the certcheck system (a register containing the details of every person who has succesfully obtained a DNV certificate), if the person will prove not to be registered in the certcheck system, they might be faced with a fine. The fine is not only given to the scaffolding fitter but also to his employer.

Very important training!

An important part of Richtlijn Steigers (Guidelines of scaffolding) is to make sure the training covers essencial information about all of the various scaffoldings available in the Netherlands.

All of the positions that are available within  scaffolding are described in Richtlijn Steigers.

Building companies, companies specialized in scaffolding, and dutch work agencies have all invested in the organisation that prepared a training on a high level that needs to be finalized with a DNV exam.

Every company that works with scaffolding or sends thier eployees to fill such jobs need to be registered in the Centraal Diploma Register (VCA).

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