Training Vouchers- Doorzaam

Training voucher doorzaam are becoming more and more popular, especially among work agencies that take care of their workers education and qualifications. The voucher includes cost return ( maximal 500,00€ without VAT) for a temporary workers who will participate in several courses.

Did you get a training voucher? So how can you use it?

With that vouchers you have a chance to increase your qualifications and choose good courses for your personal preference. For example, if you want to become a forklift operator, cherry picker or learn about safety work- VCA, now you have the best opportunity. Nothing more simple! You just need to contact us and we will explain all the rules to you and we will help with choosing best solution. There is also a possibility of combining courses, depending on the price. Remember, 500,00€ usually covers the costs of two kinds of trainings.

When do I need to use my training bon?

Once for a year you have a chance to get this voucher so you should also use it in maximal 12 months. The important thing is your contract of employment. If you will use full amount of your voucher during the term of your employment contract, 500,00€ is the total (without VAT), but if you want to use your voucher after the end of the contract the amount 500,00€ must be reduced by 21% VAT, therefore you can use 395€ in total.

What are the benefits of using your voucher in Bonapi Training Center?

Our experienced instructors would like to help to increase your chances for a better employment. You will decide what kind of courses you want to attend and what would help you in your current or future job. Our aim is to provide a large amount of knowledge on this subject. We think about your long-term development and we will take care of your confidence and better understanding of what is needed for your future position on the labour market. If you just got this voucher, dont hesitate! Contact us as fast as possible and we will help you with choosing the best option. You can do that via our website or by phone. You are also welcome in our Training Centre if you prefer to come in person. We are always here to help and serve delicious hot chocolate!

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