24 March 2021

VCA Basic course and exam in 1 day!

VCA is the name of an OH&S management system in companies in the Netherlands and Belgium (often also in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia).

The Basic VCA exam course (Basic VCA / B-VCA) is a basic occupational safety training and is intended for practically everyone who has to deal with any risk. The abbreviation VCA comes from the words Safety Health Environment Checklist Contractors.

The VCA certificate is issued in the form of a green diploma, carries the VCA logo and is valid for 10 years. A VCA card is issued together with the VCA certificate.
In the Netherlands, a “green” VCA certificate is required – accredited by the Dutch VCA Infra institute.
The VCA certificate is required by companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and other EU countries that perform high-risk activities in the following industries: petrochemicals, construction, heavy industry and many others.

The B-VCA exam is taken in the form of a computer test with 40 closed questions. Most questions are multiple choice questions. The result of the exam is known immediately after completion.

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